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Your vehicle’s alignment is something that always needs to be monitored. A vehicle’s normal wear-and-tear can cause a misalignment. After a few years on the road, or an extensive number of miles, a vehicle can expect to have an off alignment. Drivers can often tell when it’s time to get their alignment serviced when it starts to drift to the right or left on its own. It’s perfectly normal to need your vehicle to receive an alignment. It should be expected, and will improve the performance of your steering system and the vehicle’s handling. When you allow your vehicle to drive too long while needing alignment services, your tire tread will wear unevenly. This will cause you to replace your tires much earlier than expected, and make you susceptible to flat tires. John’s Automotive’s expert wheel alignment service will ensure that your driving experience remains safe and cost-effective.

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Sometimes your vehicle’s alignment can be knocked off immediately. It can become misaligned after an unexpected impact with a pothole or a curb. While you may, or may not, notice the misalignment right away, it is probably on a path to serious misalignment. If you do not get it checked out right away, ultimately your driving experience will suffer. Safety is our number one concern for all drivers on the road, and perfect alignment helps ensure safe travel. The sooner you bring us your vehicle’s alignment service needs, the sooner we can protect your wheels. Drivers will sometimes adjust or compensate for an off alignment, which will delay proper services. Tire tread is the most obvious and expensive consequence of an off alignment, outside of an accident.

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