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Protecting Your Engine–Repairs & Maintenance You Can Trust

It’s nice knowing that you have an auto repair shop that you know you can trust. John’s Automotive in Cedar Rapids, IA has been providing expert service from bumper to bumper. Our passion and our purpose are complete automotive repair. Meaning, you come to us with a braking system problem, and you leave with brakes that operate the same as they day you bought your vehicle. There’s nothing we can’t handle for you. Our team has experience handling complicated engine and transmission repairs and services. The goal is to make sure your car is receiving the right service at the right time. With decades of automotive experience, we know how to provide the services that will enhance your vehicle’s performance, and actually keep you out of our garage. If you have any questions or concerns about your vehicle’s alignment, air conditioning, check engine light, or anything, we look forward to finding the correct and final solution.

Extending Your Vehicle’s Road-Life

The key to our quality services is our uniquely designed maintenance schedules. No matter what services your vehicle needs, John’s Automotive is the correct auto repair option. But if you had a choice you would probably rather avoid costly repairs and breakdowns altogether. Our team provides the preventive maintenance that keeps you one step ahead of any costly repair needs. We follow manufacturer recommendations or your vehicle’s service schedule, but we also get to know you and your vehicle’s specific needs. When designing your maintenance schedule we consider the age of your car, your driving habits, driving terrains and conditions and more. This allows you to enjoy a worry-free driving experience. We want you to stop by and say hello once in awhile instead of being towed to us

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Give us a call today to schedule a time to visit our shop. Our friendly team of experienced auto techs can’t wait to show you a new standard in auto service excellence. Let us show you what we can do for your vehicle. For your convenience, we’ve even made our online scheduling system quick and easy!